/// MAXI WILD ///

Hailing from South East London England. Maxi Wild is a feisty Electronica singer, songwriter and producer. She spent her early years as a teenage runaway, getting kicked out of almost every school she attended, but nothing would stop this troubled youth hell bent on making a name for herself in the London electronic scene.


Her work as a writer and vocalist has landed her in the studio with the likes of UK chart legends THE BEATMASTERS, Grammy Nominated producer MIKE KOGLIN as well as a recent guest vocal on the CLIPPING track HOT FUCK NO LOVE which was released on SUBPOP. Inspired by the raw grittiness of growing up in the London rave scene and influenced by the attitude and rebellion of punk she has pioneered her own unique and infectious brand of Electro Punk! 


Murder On The Dance Floor is the second single to be released from the upcoming record "ATLAS WAVVE"..

View Video HERE

Directed by Patrick Kennelly who is know for his work with CLIPPING, PATTY the musical and the Feature Film "EXCESS FLESH". The inspiration for the MURDER ON THE DANCE FLOOR video was taken from the 1915 silent film "Les Vampires"..


Press materials can be downloaded from the following link....